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J1 Summer Tax Back is a U.S. non-resident tax company, that have helped many students for multiple years with the cheapest price on the market, students just have to pay 35 dollars to prepare their Federal Non-resident Tax Return (Form 1040NR) on our platform and NOW we are giving 10 dollars OFF discount to all of our partner agencies around the globe, and you, as a partner will receive a referral bonus based on how many of your students get access to our services.

If you are:

  • J1 Visa Sponsor;
  • An organization that provides employment or studies abroad;
  • Work and Travel, Camp Counselor, or another similar program agency.
  • U.S employer for foreign national employees;
  • Influencer or Youtuber that has a community of j1 students

You may also have many students with tax questions, well we have dedicated 24 hours of highly qualified tax experts to answer them all.

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